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Please note that these prices are only estimates and the exact pricing may vary based on your individual lock security rating, your unique situation, and other various factors that can impact job difficulty.

Bend Locksmith Services has some of the best pricing for lock and key work in the Bend, Oregon area.

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Service Call

$20 trip charge — This is the typical in-area service call price for having a licensed locksmith technician drive to you, assess your unique situation, and talk you through options with written and exact price quotes. We provide in-area service calls for customers within a 30 mile range of Bend, Oregon.


$30 hourly rate — The hourly labor rate wont start until one of our technician has walked you over the full price quote in person, walked you through the paperwork, and physically started work.  Our experienced technicians will offer you a time estimation before starting any work.

Lockout services

Vehicle Lockouts — The cost for a vehicle lockout service varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle needing to be unlocked. The pricing for our vehicle lockout services varies based on the tools required, and vehicle security measures like alarms, immobilizers, etc. $30 and up

Trunk Lockouts — From car trunks to residential storage trunks, we can open it if it's locked. The pricing varies based on the difficulty and type of trunk lock. Residential trunks are easier to open than car trunks, but our expert locksmiths have years of experience with both. $30 and up

Residential LockoutsThe pricing for our residential lockout services can vary based on the type of home lockout we're dealing with, as well as the type of lock, grade of lock security, and other various factors that a technician can walk you over before starting work. $30 and up

Interior Door LockoutsOur interior door lockout services are very affordable, thanks to our expert locksmith technicians. The pricing for our interior door lockout services are based on the lockset type, security grade, model, brand, and other various factors that a technician needs to assess. $20 and up

Business LockoutsIf you are locked out of your business, then just know that you're not the first, and it happens pretty often. When you use Bend Locksmith Services for your business lockout service needs in Central Oregon then you can count on some of the most affordable pricing. $30 and up

Commercial Property LockoutsOur expert Central Oregon Locksmiths are fast and skillful when it comes to handling commercial property lockout services for companies with commercially zoned lots and other various forms of privately owned commercial properties. $30 and up

Keyless Deadbolt LockoutsKeyless deadbolts are also sometimes called privacy locks or dead latches. These types of lockouts can sometimes be trick to deal with as the lock itself can only be locked and unlocked from the inside. Call today for cheap keyless deadbolt lockout services. $45 and up

Bathroom LockoutsWe are experts at opening locked bathroom doors. Our licensed experts are quick and efficient. With affordable pricing for any bathroom lockout services, you can rely on Bend Locksmith Services for any of your Central Oregon bathroom lock needs. $20 and up

Bedroom LockoutsIf you encounter the unfortunate problem of getting locked out of your bedroom, then take a deep breath and call us. Our bedroom door unlocking services are affordable and fast, performed only by licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith professionals. $20 and up

Office LockoutsIt doesn't matter if you are locked out of your home office or if you're locked out of your business office. Our expert technicians can get you back in with quick and affordable services across Central Oregon. Get back into your locked office door using our services. $30 and up

Storage Unit LockoutsOur Central Oregon storage unit lockout services are based on the type of in unit lock or padlock that your storage facility uses. We can unlock storage units or remove padlocks with lost or misplaced keys. Call us for quick storage unit lockout services. $15 and up

Padlock LockoutsOur padlock lockout services are priced according to the security grade of your padlock. There are also extenuating circumstances that might alter the price such as extensive rust, damage to keyholes, padlock covers, inaccessibility problems, and more. $15 and up

Bike Lockouts Don't stay locked out of your bike with our affordable bike lockout services. We come to you with a blazing fast response time and remove your locked bike chain or bike lock. Our affordable pricing is based on the security rating, make, and model of your bike lock. $20 and up

Safe Lockouts Safe lockout service prices are based on the type of safe we need to gain entry to. Wall safes, standalone safes, and floor safes are examples of different types of safes. Dial safes, knob safes, and electronic safes require different methods of entry and different tools. $100 and up

Lock Changes

Residential Lock ChangesWith a wide range of different residential locks, we support a vast range of different lock manufacturers, makes, and models. Our licensed technicians have years of experience changing some of the most sophisticated locking hardware around. Let us replace your residential locks with our expedient and affordable services for your house, apartment, RV, or Condo. $25 per lock and up

Commercial Lock ChangesDepending on the type of commercial lock needing to be changed, we offer some of the cheapest pricing for careful and considerate commercial lock changing services. The pricing for our commercial and business lock changing services are based on the type of lock being changed out, as well as if the lock has already been purchased or is being supplied by us. $25 and up


New Keys

New Car Keys — The pricing for new car keys depends on the type of key needing to be cut, as well as how much ignition work needs to be done, and programming done to the key or vehicle. Standard keys are cheaper than key fobs and keys with remote buttons. $120 and up

New Residential Keys — New residential key pricing is based on the type of locks we're making a new key for, as well as the security grade of the lock, type of key, and other various factors. We  have pricing that typically cheaper than your landlords. $15 per cylinder and up

New Mailbox Keys — We have sliding prices for new mailbox keys depending on the type of mailbox you have, the type of lock and keyway, and if the lock needs to be drilled and replaced. Let us help with our inexpensive new mailbox key services in Central Oregon. $15 per lock and up

New Business Keys — If the keys to your business or commercial property have become lost or need to be replaced or exchanged or other reasons, one of our professional technicians can help you with services priced on the type of locks you have, the keys required, and other various factors a technicians can walk you over in person. $20 and up

Lock Installations

Residential Lock Installations — The price to get a new lock installed on an existing door is based on the type of lock being installed, the type of door material, any latch work, and other various circumstances that could impact a job. If you have a door that only has a doorknob you should consider getting a new deadbolt installed. $45 and up

Commercial Lock Installations — Catering to commercial buildings and businesses in Central Oregon, we have some of the best pricing when it comes to new lock installations for your business or commercial property. Pricing is dependent on your unique lock installation needs. Business locks offer higher security than commercial ones. $55 and up

Broken Key Extractions

Residential Broken Key Extractions — If your home lock is jammed due to a broken key causing it to malfunction then call now for inexpensive and expedient broken key extraction services. We have years of experience picking things out of locks so they can work again and extracting keys. Pricing is based on extraction severity and type of keyway. $15 and up

Commercial Broken Key Extractions — Tenant keys, or keys that your employees use, might accidentally break off in your commercial property locks or business locks. When this happens, it's usually best to call a licensed professional to extract your broken key or any object jamming your businesses keyhole.  $15 and up

Lock Repairs

Residential Lock Repair — Residential lock repair services are commonly called for when a lock is broken or the lock is damaged. Lock repair services are based on the lock being repaired as well as what components need to be replaced and the pricing for said components. Sometimes it's cheaper to replace a lock instead of repairing it. $15 and up

Business Lock Repair — The pricing for a business lock repair service in Central Oregon is based on the type of lock, what needs to be repaired, and the cost for any parts used to repair the lock. We offer inexpensive and rapid business lock repair services in Bend, Redmond, Prineville, La Pine, and more. Business owners love us. $15 and up


Residential Rekeying  — Rekeying a lock is typically cheaper than replacing a lock entirely. When rekeying your house , apartment, or condominium in Central Oregon, pricing will depend on the type of lock being rekeyed, the security grade of the lock, if a customer has an operational key, and the type of keyway or lock brand. $15 per cylinder and up

Mailbox Rekeying Mailbox locks use wafers on the top and bottom of their keyways unlike traditional pin in tumbler style locks that only use pins in the top of the keyway. Rekeying a mailbox lock depends on the amount of wafers, type of mailbox lock, security rating, and if there's a matching operational key. $20 and up

Business Rekeying The cost to rekey your business locks or the locks on your commercial property is based on the security rating of those locks. Some types of business locks are easier to rekey then others and while most locks can be rekeyed without a working key, some are more difficult to work than others without a working key. $20 and up


Padlock Removal — Our locksmiths are experts at padlock removal services for your sheds, barns, storage containers, lockers, trunks, and more. The pricing for our padlock removal services in Central Oregon are based on the type of padlock, the security rating, and the thickness of the shackles. Typically padlock removal services are inexpensive and don't take too long. $15 and up

Bike Lock Removal — Don't stay locked out of your bike if the key is missing or the bike lock is locked shut for other reasons. We come to you with same day and affordable bike lock removal services in Central Oregon. The price to remove a bike lock is based on the type of bike lock being removed and what tools are required to do so. $15 and up

Chain Removal — Since there are multiple different chain strengths and thicknesses, the pricing varies based on the current situation and the type of chain we're dealing with. Our expert mobile locksmiths in Bend and the surrounding areas of Redmond, Prineville, and more, are local to you and ready to assist with affordable chain removal services. Call now. $15 and up