Padlock/Chain Removal


If you find that you need to remove a padlock or chain, but don't have the necessary tools to do so, consider giving the expert padlock and chain removal team from Bend Locksmith Services a call.

We offer fast, same day services for chain removal and padlock removal services in Central Oregon. Typically, we can be there in 30 minutes or less from when you call, depending on your location. We offer some of the quickest and least expensive padlock and chain removal services.

Some of the most common situations that we get called to are for storage unit lockouts, padlock removals, and chains that are rusted shut or locked another way. We are fully insured, bonded, and licensed to get the job done correctly and affordably the first time.

If  your key is gone or misplaced then you're probably locked out of your padlock. Thankfully, losing the key to your padlock can be easily remedied by calling for a professional padlock removal expert from Bend Locksmith Services. 95% of the time it's cheaper to replace the padlock rather than rekeying it.

Residential Padlock & Chain Removal


Central Oregon Residential Padlock & Chain Removal

Commonly, we get called to homes to remove padlocks wherein the working operating key has gone missing. Since we offer some of the quickest and most affordable pricing options in Central Oregon, we regularly get called to assist customers to remove their padlocks and chains. We remove gate chains, door padlocks, shed padlocks, attic padlocks, chain nets, and more.

Commercial Padlock & Chain Removal


Central Oregon Commercial Padlock & Chain Removal

The expert mobile locksmiths from Bend Locksmith Services are fully equipped and well versed with handling commercial padlock and chain removal services. We've helped businesses and community leaders finish their projects on time by getting to them promptly, in order to remove storage container chains, business padlocks, commercial gate chains, and more.