Bend Locksmith Services are professionals when it comes to dealing with lockout situations in Central Oregon. Since all of our locksmith technicians are bonded, insured, and licensed you can relax knowing that an expert is on the job.

Below you will find a list of the most common lockout situations that we get called on to assist with.

Most Common Lockout Services:


Car Lockouts

Our fully mobile locksmith technicians can get to you quickly in order to unlock your vehicle. We can replace lost car keys or simply open the door for you if they are locked inside. It's much cheaper to call a locksmith versus breaking and repairing a window.


Bathroom Lockouts

Sometimes bathroom locks can seem very insignificant, but it's funny to realize how much they can impact your daily life, especially when accidentally getting locked out and realizing you no longer have access to your medicine cabinet, toilet, and shower.


Trunk Lockouts

It's certainly less than ideal getting locked out of your vehicles trunk. When you call Bend Locksmith Services to assist you with opening your trunk you'll be amazed at the speed, affordability, and quality of our services. Let us come to you and open your cars locked trunk.


Storage Unit Lockouts

Don't stay locked out of your storage unit if you've accidentally lost or misplaced the key to your padlock or storage unit. When you call our professional locksmiths, you can rest assured that you are getting the quickest and most affordable storage lockout services in Central Oregon.


Truck Lockouts

Sometimes the unexpected can happen to your truck when you're the least prepared, like at home, on the job, or when you're just out running errands. We know it's frustrating to get locked out of your truck, but don't worry, because our expert technicians can quickly open it with no damage.


Bedroom Lockouts

Getting locked out of your bedroom can be a horrible experience, especially late at night when you only want to sleep. When you call us, you'll know that your bedroom lockout situation is getting the urgency it deserves. If you have a locked bedroom door, then we can help.


Bike Lockouts

Our professionally trained mobile locksmiths are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to assist you with bike lock removal services for misplaced or lost keys. We offer some of the least expensive pricing for removing bike locks and performing other lock removal services in Central Oregon. 


Barn/Shed Lockouts

If you are ever locked out of a shed or barn because of a broken lock or a lost key then know that you're not alone because it's a common problem. Our expertly trained mobile locksmiths have years of experience opening locked barn and shed door locks of all kinds.


Home Lockouts

If you ever find yourself locked out of your house, apartment, or condominium than consider giving Bend Locksmith Services a call for fast and affordable residential lockout services. Our licensed technicians can come arrive quickly in order to let you back into your home.


Mailbox Lockouts

Our expert locksmith technicians have years of experience opening locked mailboxes with our fast and cheap mailbox lockout services. If your mailbox key is ever lost or misplaced then give us a call so one of our licensed experts can come to you and replace your mailbox lock.


Cabinet/Desk Lockouts

Let our experts take care of your locked filing cabinet or desk with our fully licensed lockout services. If your cabinet or desk key is lost or misplaced than call us for professional services.


Business Lockouts

We regularly get called by businesses and other companies to with business lockout services. Whether an employee loses the key, or your business key snaps off in the lock, we have years of experience helping other businesses with our fast and affordable business lockout services.