Keyless Deadbolt Lockouts


It might not seem like it, but it's actually pretty common for people to get locked out of their keyless deadbolts through no fault of their own. Sometimes a little bad luck or an enthusiastic big dog is all it takes to trigger a keyless lockout situation.

We have years of experience helping customers back into their houses, apartments, and condominiums when they get locked out of their deadbolts and privacy locks.

Not only are all of the locksmith technicians from Bend Locksmith Services background checked against criminal related offenses like felonies and misdemeanors, but they are also fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your complete safety, security, and satisfaction.

If you need the quickest and most affordable keyless lockout services in Central Oregon then call us today for a painless experience that doesn't break the bank. Let us help you back into your home or place of residence and don't let that pesky privacy lock keep you locked out.

Looking for a professional privacy lockout service?


When you call for the expert mobile locksmiths from Bend Locksmith Services you can rest assured that you'll be helped promptly and professionally with our fast and affordable privacy lockout services.

Our average response time for lockout situations is around 30 minutes or less, especially for customers that are locked out of their privacy or keyless deadbolt locks.

What's your keyless deadbolt lockout plan?


It's always a good idea have a backup plan for keyless deadbolt lockouts so you can avoid getting into terrible lockout situations in the future, like being stuck outside during a snow storm or other harsh weather conditions.

Whenever you leave your home with all but one door locked using a keyless deadbolt, you should have someone you can call in case of an emergency situation. Prepare for the worst case scenario like your dog jumping on the door resulting in a locked privacy lock, or even a broom falling just right onto your keyless deadbolt, locking your door.