Commercial Rekeying


Rekeying your commercial property or business is very similar to rekeying your home. There are many reasons why someone might want to get their business or commercial property rekeyed. We have experience helping property owners, tenants, landlords, realtors, real estate agents, and more. Bend Locksmith Services is fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your security and peace of mind.

When you call for an expert mobile locksmith to rekey your commercial property, you can relax knowing that you're getting some of the best services and pricing in Central Oregon. All of our technicians have multiple years of experience rekeying locks for different business owners.

Did you let go of an employee with a key?

Frequently, we've helped business owners that need to get their business rekeyed because one of their employees has been let go, but still has a copy of the key. In this case, calling Bend Locksmith Services might be a good option. We come to you in 30 minutes or less and rekey your business locks so that your old employee no longer has access. We can provide you with as many copies of your new business keys as you'd like.

Our business lock rekeying services in Central Oregon are affordable and quickly handled by professionals. You can rely on the expertise of our highly trained lock rekeying team because they all have years of experience handling commercial locks. Not only can we help with excellent commercial rekeying services, but we can also provide inexpensive and quick residential lock rekeying.

If an employee has been terminated, but still has possession of your business key then it might be a good idea to rekey your business. When you rekey a lock you're changing they key that operates the lock, and the old key no longer works.

Need to rekey one of your offices?


If you have a commercial office you need rekeyed in Central Oregon then you can rely on the expertise of Bend Locksmith Services. Our mobile business rekeying team comes to you in 30 minutes or less for professional and inexpensive rekeying services. The locksmiths that work for Bend Locksmith Services are highly trained, bonded, insured, and licensed experts.

Rekeying your office is great for when someone is moving or leaving their office. Our locksmith technicians have experience rekeying internal offices for businesses after they've had to let go employees or after employees have tendered their resignation.

Our commercial and business customers have come to us with many different reasons they want to rekey their office locks. It's a good idea to rekey an office if keys have been lost or stolen. We can rekey and install popular brands of commercial locks like Cal-Royal and many more.

Need your business rekeyed?

If you need to secure your business by changing the keys that work with your entry locks then you should call the experts at Bend Locksmith Services for assistance. Rekeying a business lock is usually cheaper and quicker than lock changing services. Since our expert locksmiths in Central Oregon know what they're doing and have the proper tools, you can relax knowing you're getting professional assistance.

Consider having your locks rekeyed when moving into a new business or commercial space for your company because you never know who had a copy of the key before. When you rekey a new property, you're guaranteeing that only you and not the previous tenant or owner has access to your property.

Local residents of Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Three Rivers, Tumalo, Sisters, and Terrebonne can relax knowing they've got a professional on the job. Your safety is important to us, so you can call us if you need effective business rekeying services in Central Oregon.