Broken Key Extraction


Is your lock currently malfunctioning due to a broken key or other piece of debris that has become lodged in your lock keyhole? We can help.

Bend Locksmith Services is one of Central Oregon's most affordable and quickest mobile locksmith services for broken key extractions and lock debris removal. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith technicians are local to you and can typically arrive in less than 30 minutes from your initial call time.

Don't stay locked out in extreme temperatures because of a broken key and call us today for affordable and professional broken key extraction services all across Central Oregon.

When dealing with a jammed keyhole the best option is usually to call a licensed locksmith to repair your lock. It's important to remember not to try sticking anything else in the lock opening in an attempt to remove the debris yourself as this can make the problem even worse by either pushing debris further back into the lock or causing more of a blockage.

Is your key broken off in the lock?

Surprisingly, dealing with keys breaking off in locks is something we regularly get called upon to assist with. As keys are made of metal, after prolonged use metal can become brittle or even soft. When your metal keys wear out, they can easily break off in your lock, leaving you locked out or with a malfunctioning lock.

It's easy to damage keys and warp the metal by using them for things other than unlocking doors. A common example of using a key incorrectly is by using it to open a package or pry open a container.

Another common cause of broken keys in locks is by trying to force incorrect keys to fit in the wrong key way. The technicians from Bend Locksmith Services have ample experience with broken house key services in Central Oregon, including broken key replacement and key removal services.

Did your vehicle, home, or business key break?

If the key to your automobile, residence, or commercial property breaks on you then it's important not to panic and to stay calm. Our expert lock and key team in Central Oregon are very well equipped to handle your broken key extraction needs. We can come to you in 30 minutes or less for professional key extraction services for your home, vehicle, and/or business.

Our mobile locksmith team is local to you and fully background checked to extract any key that has broken off in your lock. Occasionally, when keys break off in locks they can damage the internal lock mechanism, so it's important not to risk any more damage by trying to fix it on your own.

Sometimes the locks themselves can become hard to use because of gunk and rust buildup. Use abrasive cleaning agents to properly maintain your locks and to keep them performing optimally. If your lock is hard to use or feels really stiff with your key, try spraying some WD-40 or Lock Dry Lube.

We want you to know that Bend Locksmith Services can help fix damaged locks in certain situations, and we evaluate each lock repair service on a case by case basis. In addition to repairing locks, we can also replace them entirely as sometimes this can be cheaper.

Locked out because of a broken key?

If you live in Bend, Oregon or any of the surround areas like Redmond, Prineville, La Pine, or Sunriver, just to name a few, you can rely on Bend Locksmith Services for your broken house key services. We can help with our inexpensive key removal and broken key replacement services.

When you find yourself locked out because your business or house key has shattered in the lock then it's important to call a professional for skilled extraction assistance. Our mobile technicians are fully trained to remove any of the small pieces that could be left inside that might jam up and ultimately break the lock altogether.

Call us now at (541) 200-6954 for assistance in 30 minutes or less if you need to remove something like a stick or key that unexpectedly shattered inside the lock. You can rely on Bend Locksmith Services for your stuck or broken key situations in Central Oregon because our locksmiths are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

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