Top 10 Ways To Secure Residential Home Windows

Top 10 Ways To Secure Residential Home Windows

There are many different ways that one can keep their home windows secure from criminals and unwanted entry. Prevent becoming a victim of burglary and check out some of these useful tips and security products that are designed for keeping your windows as secure as possible. According to the FBI, burglaries of residential properties account for 71.6 percent of all burglary offenses. Windows are a common point of entry for a criminal and they tend to be left unlocked or open at much higher rates than doors - particularly in warmer weather. Check out this list of 10 different methods that might assist with securing home windows against unauthorized entry from burglars and potential home invaders.

10. Use Plants and Bushes as Natural Barriers


A great way to enhance the security of a home is to place bushes and other natural barriers outside of windows. Surrounding the outside of a home with plants and bushes will make it harder for intruders to gain access to windows. There are many different species of plants, trees, and healthy looking bushes that are good for security. By planting thorny, sharp, and prickly flowers or bushes around the outside of ground floor windows, homeowners can drastically reduce the appeal of their home to a burglar or home invader. Not only can nature help keep a residential home safer but it can also looks great and potentially increase a home's value.

9. Install Motion Sensor Lights Outside Residential Windows


A good method for securing ground floor windows from intruders is to keep them well lit and covered by motion sensor lights. Motion sensor lights work by turning on when motion is detected. A motion sensing flood light can scare off intruders by shining light on their movements and highlighting their visibility. Motion sensing lights are great to add around ground floor windows because they can scare off burglars and other criminals. Keeping entry doors lit at night can sometimes be helpful at deterring unauthorized entry by tricking intruders into thinking that the occupant is still awake and active inside. Don’t let criminals hide in the shadows if they’re trying to gain entry and instead illuminate their misbehavior.

8. Keep All Doors and Windows Locked


The BJS reported that about 40% of criminals will gain unlawful entry into an unoccupied residence through an unlocked door or window. Remember to always keep residential windows and doors locked when no one is home. The most likely time for a burglary to happen is during the summer when the property is unoccupied.

7. Get Security Warning Stickers and Signs

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Another great way to scare criminals away is by placing security warning stickers on all perimeter ground floor windows. Even if an alarm system isn’t present, security stickers will tell intruders otherwise, therefore making them think twice about their actions. According to a study by UNC Charlotte, approximately 83 percent of burglars would try to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary and 60 percent said they would seek an alternative target if there was an alarm on-site.

6. Add Extra Locks To All Residential Sliding Windows

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Windows are sometimes secured by weak plastic latches or small metal hinges that could easily be broken or forced open. For optimal security, consider adding additional locking hardware to further prevent unauthorized access. A quick tip that can save time and secure a sliding window is to block the window track with a piece of wood or a broom handle cut to length. Keep windows locked tight when not home and consider keeping them extra secure with interior metal window locks. Sliding window locks are designed to clip onto the window and block the tracks in which the windows slides open in, thus preventing the window from being opened.

5. Keep Residential Windows Barred Shut


In addition to keeping ground floor windows locked, some homeowners might be wise to invest in security bars designed to keep windows barred shut. Security bars are an important tool for unsafe areas and for those seeking optimal protection and peace of mind. Keep vulnerable windows secure such as those that face busy streets, dark alleys, parking lots, and trails. Make criminals and other unwanted guests know that a property is well protected with strong security bars that will make them think twice about attempting to gain entry.

4. Keep Window Blinds and Curtains Closed


Keep ground floor windows covered so criminals can't see any valuables inside. Don't let potential intruders window shop for belongings like TVs, stereo systems, car keys, jewelry, or other high end electronics. Keep unwanted eyes out by keeping residential windows covered with blinds and curtains. A good security solution is to replace any transparent glass windows with frosted glass to obscure vision into a home.

3. Use Window Alarms To Monitor Entry


There are many standalone alarms can be purchased to keep windows protected. Window alarms are perfect for downstairs windows that are near entryways or in bedrooms as they detect when a window is opened. Window alarms can work using magnetic sensors or by detecting vibrations in the glass. When a window alarm is triggered, it sets off an alarm which should wake and alert everyone inside that someone is attempting to gain entry. Not only do these devices trigger an alarm during a window break-in but they are also visible to criminals. High visibility of the alarm will let criminals know that that by breaking in they will be drawing a lot of attention to themselves, which is something thieves and burglars try to avoid. It’s possible that the sight of a window alarm might make a potential intruder go elsewhere instead.

2. Use Metal Bars or Grills on Ground Floor Windows

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Although bars might not be the most attractive things to look at, they are certainly excellent for keeping burglars and intruders out. Metal bars and grills can be used on the inside of a window while security bars can be installed on the exterior. Research suggests that if it takes more than four or five minutes to break into a building, the criminal will go elsewhere. Security bars and grills provide too tight an obstacle for burglars to climb through, yet they are large enough to not obscure the view or airflow. The only downside to burglar bars is that they could pose a potential fire hazard. We suggest strong metal window bars such as the ones made by Prime-Line Products.

1. Reinforce All Glass Windows


The statistics show that in the USA, of all burglaries in 2010, 60% involved forcible entry. A great security tip for protecting residential home windows is to select hurricane impact resistant glass for all ground floor window material. Impact resistant glass and hurricane proof glass is hard to break and will crack into spider web cracks instead of shattering. Other good materials include reinforced glass, smash-proof glass, acrylic glass, and Polycarbonate.

Keep Residential Home Windows Secure

When safety is a number one priority, one should always be mindful of their residential home windows. Don't undermine a home's safety by neglecting the security of the windows. Remember that a home's security is only as strong as its weakest point of entry, so stay safe and stay protected.

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