Tips For Increasing Your Front Door Security

Tips For Increasing Your Front Door Security

The front door of any home is a potential entry point for any burglar or criminal like a home invader. While there are many different ways to increase the security of your home, here we will go over a few different ways to increase the security of your front door. Below you can find a few steps that can be taken to further enhance the security of your front door from break-ins.

Keep Your Front Door Well Lit

Burglars often target homes that aren't well lit because it can give them the highest chance of not being spotted and going unnoticed by those around them. A good strategy for increasing the security of your front door is to deter criminals from trying to approach it in the first place. A good way to deter criminals from coming to your door in the middle of the night is to light up your front and back door areas, thus scaring off any potential burglars or home invaders. It's often wise to consider installing a flood light or motion sensors that act well as deterrents.

Deter Criminals Using Security Stickers & Alarm Signs

Did you know that a study from UNC Charlotte showed that around 60% of burglars that notice the presence of an alarm or security system seek out an alternative target altogether? Most burglars will attempt to find out if an alarm or security system is present before trying to break into a home, so adding security stickers or alarm signs can be a good deterrent. If you can't afford an alarm or security system, then just place some stickers, it will still make criminals think twice about victimizing your home and compromising the security of your front door.

Reinforce Your Front Door With A Door Reinforcer

About 1 in 8 burglars will attempt to pick their way into your home, and not always do they attempt picking the front door locks. Burglars looking at the security of a potential home might find that a side or back door is easier to gain access to than a front door, so it's important for all the doors to have equal security. Most burglars will attempt forcing their way in through a window or door. A very cheap and simple way to enhance the security of your front door is to install a door reinforcer.

A door reinforcer is a piece of metal specially designed to fit over the door when the locks are uninstalled. Once the door reinforcer is fastened to the door, the locks are reinstalled and the door will be harder to break into by forceful attacks. It's easy to install a door reinforcer using only a Phillips head screwdriver, and possibly a good decision for those worried about the security of their front door. Door reinforcers make a bold statement to would be intruders that your home won't be an easy target.

Secure Your Front Door From Being Kicked In

Reinforcing your front door is a good idea to stop a door from being kicked in. A security bar is a great tool for securing a front door from being kicked in and even if they do manage to pick a lock open, they still won't be able to get the door open. Security bars block the door from opening by holding the door closed using a metal rod propped against the floor with a rubber guard to prevent slipping.

Use Alarms On Your Front Door

Those that can't afford an alarm system for their entire home can invest in a battery powered alarm system for individual doors or windows. A door stop alarm will activate when a door is opened enough to depress the switch, which in turn activates the alarm. Door stop alarms are cheap and practical devices that can be used to protect your doors and they require little maintenance and no monthly fees.

Install A Video Doorbell

A good security solution to invest in is a video doorbell. Video doorbells are great for your front door security because they're basically cameras as well as doorbells. As most video doorbells connect to your phone using an app, video doorbells can send notifications and alerts to your phone when movements are detected. Using a phone app, users can view through their doorbell anywhere in the world. This is a good feature for those wanting to answer to door without having to actually open it, making talking to strangers and door to door salesmen a thing of the past. Video doorbells can enhance the security of your front door because it lets burglars and potential criminals know that you're watching, recording, and won't be taken by surprise.

Set Up A Security System Around Your Front Door

Video security systems are excellent tools for keeping criminals away from front doors in the first place. Burglars and home invaders typically burglarize out of desperation. These are people that are looking for an easy score where they can get in and out without any problems. If you have security cameras around your home it will send a strong message to burglars to stay away or get recorded and sent to jail.

Use Fake Cameras If You Can't Buy Real Ones

In addition to purchasing a security system to secure your front door, many homeowners are finding that installing a fake security camera works just as well. Using a fake camera installed near the front door is a good tactic that is proven to work at scaring off potential burglars and home invaders. Fake cameras are great alternatives to real cameras because they don't cost any money to maintain with electric bills, and they require no maintenance. Just try to remember not to tell anyone that they're fake.

Check That Your Front Door Is Solid

It's very common for criminals to force entry into a home by kicking in the front door. A good tip that many people neglect is the thickness and solidity of their front door. When selecting a good front door, make sure it is made from thick wood or metal, try to avoid hollow doors and plastic doors insulated with foam. Reinforced steel doors are the sturdiest and safest option for those looking to secure their front door to the best of their ability, but fiberglass can be a good option too.

Install A Single-Sided Deadbolt

Single-sided deadbolts are great for increasing the security of your front door as they can add an extra layer of security that protects from kick in attempts from burglars and other criminals. A single-sided deadbolt is a lock that is installed halfway into the door so the flip turn is visible from the inside, but there is nothing showing from the outside of the door. With the door open, you can see a single-sided deadbolt latch as it extends and retracts from it's locked and unlocked position. Since nothing is noticeable from the outside, single-sided deadbolts are also sometimes referred to as keyless deadbolts and privacy deadbolts.

Keep Your Entry Windows Covered

A good security rule of thumb is to keep your front windows and blinds closed when you're away. It's important not to let burglars and possible criminals peek into your home, so keep entry door windows covered with curtains or blinds. If criminals can't see inside your home, they won't know what's available to steal. Make sure if there is a security system that it can't be seen from outside, you don't want potential burglars studying your security system or seeing that it's disarmed through a window. Consider investing in a double-sided deadbolt if your front door has glass on it, so if a burglar does break the window, they won't be able to reach inside and unlock the door.

Always Keep Up With The Security Of Your Entry Door

Airef did a survey on burglary victims approximately six months after a residential burglary. These burglary victims were identified with the assistance of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. In this survey, it was reported that stolen items were recovered in 17% of cases and 18% of offenders were apprehended by the time of the survey. Remember to always keep your front door security in mind when considering the safety of your home. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

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