Locksmith Services in Central Oregon

Locksmith Services in Central Oregon

Bend Locksmith Services is a local trusted, licensed, and bonded company that operates as a mobile service throughout Central Oregon. We provide you with exceptional and affordable services for all of your lock and key needs. Our professional locksmith technicians are on call 24/7 to assist with car lockouts, new lock installations, lock rekeying, new car keys, and much more. We can help with all types of residential locks such as Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, and more!

Bend Locksmith Services offers quick and affordable 24 hour lockout services, lock work, lock changes, and more to customers throughout Central Oregon. Call us for lock maintenance, security audits, and much more such as:

Rekeying Lost/broken Keys

Lock Changes

Car Lockouts

Lock Installs

House Lockouts

RV Lockouts

Spare Keys

Bend Locksmith Services is professional, fast paced and reliable when it comes to dealing with lockout situations in Central Oregon. Since all of our locksmith technicians are bonded, insured, and licensed you can relax knowing that an expert is on the job. Our fully mobile locksmith technicians can get to you quickly in order to unlock your vehicle. We can replace lost car keys or simply open the door for you if they are locked inside. It's much cheaper to call a locksmith versus breaking and repairing a window. In addition to standard vehicle unlocking services, Bend Locksmith Services can also help with other various recreational vehicles that are locked throughout Central Oregon.

Bend Locksmith Services is also fully equipped to handle residential and business lockout situations. We arrive in 30 minutes or less with all the tools required to quickly and affordably open any style door with no damage.


Bend Locksmith Services has specialized lock technicians that offer you exceptional lock rekeying work in order to keep your home or business secure. Rekeying a lock is great for those wanting to keep their current lock, but change the key that operates it. This would prevent people from gaining access to your home or business who should no longer have access. Rekeying is a quick and easy process in which our highly trained lock technicians remove the pins in the lock that operate with the current key, replace them with new pins, and provide you with new operational keys for your lock. This process renders the original key useless, meaning that anyone having a copy of it wont be able to operate the lock, and only the new key will work.

Like rekeying, Bend Locksmith Services also offers affordable and precise lock changing services for residential homes and commercial businesses such as offices, restaurants, store fronts, and more. Lock changes are a great option for those who are seeking an updated style, color, or enhanced security. Our technicians are trained to match your interests with a suitable lock and install it in your home or business in a timely manner. During a lock change, one of our locksmiths will remove the current lock and replace it with a new and updated lockset. The new lock will come with a brand new set of keys which can be keyed to additional locks if needed.


      Fresh lock installs are another option for those who have doors without a deadbolt, have a new construction, or those who want additional locks for security. Fresh lock installs can be performed on various door types including standard wood, garage doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, and more.

We offer locksmith services to the following communities in Central Oregon:

Brasada Ranch



Deschutes River Woods


Three Rivers



La Pine



Powell Butte

And more!

We know all too well the stresses of accidentally misplacing a car key, getting locked out, and not being able to get back in. Whether you lose your keys in the river, drop them on the trail, or the key breaks due to wear, you can trust in Bend Locksmith Services. Remember that our mobile lock technicians will arrive on site with all the tools required to unlock your vehicle and make a new key, including the key, onsite key cutting, and any necessary key programming.

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Differences Between A Lock Change And A Rekey

Differences Between A Lock Change And A Rekey