Locksmith in Redmond, Oregon

Locksmith in Redmond, Oregon

Looking for a locksmith in Redmond, Oregon?

Bend Locksmith Services is a fully bonded, insured, and licensed locksmith company capable of assisting with a wide range of lock and key services in Redmond, Oregon. Our highly trained professionals have years of experience when it comes to unlocking locks, making new keys, replacing broken locks, changing locks, rekeying locks, and so much more. Bend Locksmith Services is a locally owned and operated business with technicians local to you in Redmond, Oregon. Our locksmiths are trained to provide exceptional lock work at affordable prices. Our locksmiths in Redmond, Oregon are always mobile and on call, so customers can expect us to be with them in less than 25 minutes for fast and inexpensive services.

Locked out in Redmond, Oregon?


Getting locked out can cause stress in any situation, and we know all to well how horrible it feels to get locked out of a home, business, or vehicle. We regularly deal with customers that have the car keys locked inside a car or truck by mistake or malfunction of the vehicle, and we have years of experience opening locked business doors and homes for owners. In these uncomfortable situations it's important to take a deep breath, remain calm, and focus on finding a practical and affordable solution. There are a couple different options when it comes to dealing with a lockout situation but typically calling for a locksmith is the best option if there is no access to other spare keys. Breaking a window in order to get a door open is only solving one problem by creating an even bigger and more expensive one. Attempting to force a lock open will most likely cause damage to the hardware or door frame.

It's wise to know your options if locked out due to lost keys, broken keys, or for any other reason. Consider the help of anyone close that may have access to another working operating key. If there are no other other options for regaining entry then consider the services of a local locksmith for help. Our local locksmiths in Redmond, Oregon are close to you, so they can arrive quickly to open locked doors and unlock locked locks when keys are missing, broken, or even stuck inside.

Need to change or rekey locks in Redmond, Oregon?


Local residents in Oregon can rely on us for professional home and business rekeying services in Redmond, Oregon. Our local locksmiths are trained experts when it comes to rekeying existing locks to new keys when the existing key has been lost or misplaced. The technicians from Bend Locksmith Services can quickly get to you for affordable and quick residential or commercial lock rekeying solutions. Arriving with everything they need to complete the job successfully, customers in Redmond, Oregon know they can count on us for their residential and commercial lock rekeying services.

The local locksmith team from Bend Locksmith Services is fully licensed, insured, and bonded to perform all types of lock rekeying services for homes, apartments, businesses, and more. Calling a licensed locksmith can often leave customers with peace of mind that their home will be left safe, secure, and in good hands.  Our local locksmith team in Redmond, Oregon has ample experience when it comes to rekeying all types of deadbolt and doorknob locking hardware including name brands like Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Emtek, and so many more. 

We recommend getting a lock replaced or rekeyed if worried that someone else might have unauthorized access to a home, business, or property. The difference between rekeying a lock and changing it completely is that when you rekey a lock to have new operational keys, the same lock will remain on the door. When locks are changed, entirely new hardware is installed on the door to replace the old ones. This is why rekeying a lock is typically less expensive than replacing it completely. Rekeying a lock will change out the tumblers/wafers/pins so that a new key will function in the lock and the preexisting one will no longer function.

Want to install or replace residential locks in Redmond, Oregon?


Bend Locksmith Services has lock and key specialists in Redmond, Oregon that have ample experience replacing old locks and installing new ones onto existing doors. Our locksmith team in Redmond is highly capable of handling all types of unique situations when it comes to changing and installing unique locking hardware.

Our locksmith team is able to swiftly and neatly install new deadbolts, doorknobs, peepholes, and other lock accessories. When concerned about the security of a residence or place of business it's always a good idea to add more deadbolts for enhanced safety. Burglars and other criminals trying to gain access to your home will have a tougher time if additional locks are installed on a door.

It's possible to install single sided deadbolts, also known as keyless deadbolts, that allow homeowners additional peace of mind while within their dwelling. Keyless deadbolt have a flip turn lock on the interior of the door and reveal nothing to those on the other side. Keyless deadbolts are great for locking doors from one side only, leaving the other side of the door with nothing but a flat surface in which a key is not needed, 

Need to replace lost car keys in Redmond, Oregon?


When keys get lost in the river or malfunction due to wear and tear, customers know they can rely on the professional locksmiths from Bend Locksmith Services for assistance. Our fully licensed, insured, and certified technicians arrive on site with everything needed to make a new key for the vehicle.  Using the VIN number found on your vehicle or a code series stamped on a lock, our reliable locksmiths will have the necessary key cuts to cut a new car key in no time. We carry a wide variety of key models, transponder chips, and programming equipment on hand to ensure that our customers are able to quickly and affordably get back in their car and be on their way.

If you've recently bought a new vehicle it might be practical and wise to make a duplicate or spare key in the event of a lockout situation, because it's always good to have a backup plan. Rest assured that when customers call Bend Locksmith Services for a duplicate key they will be met with prompt, friendly, and professional services. One of our fully licensed, and highly trained technicians will arrive on site with everything needed to make a duplicate or replacement car key. 

In the event that a car key has been broken or damaged, either due to use, or an accident, Bend Locksmith Services would be eager to provide everything needed for the making of a new car key. After calling Bend Locksmith Services, customers can expect a specialized lock technician on site in 30 minutes or less for professional lock servicing. Our technicians come fully stocked with keys, a key machine, programmers, and all the other tools required to make new car keys on the spot. The locksmiths from Bend Locksmith Services are capable of opening your locked vehicle before the car key making process has even begun.

Bend Locksmith Services has the equipment to make new car keys in Redmond, Oregon for many current and older makes of vehicles. Here's just a few of the many vehicle brands that we can make car keys for.











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