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Bend Locksmith Services is proud to be one of Central Oregon's favorite mobile locksmith providers. All of our technicians are fully bonded, insured, and licensed professionals that will get the job done quickly and correctly the first time. If you find yourself in need of an expert locksmith in Central Oregon then give us a call today!



We are proud to perform a wide range of lock and key services for automobiles, residential homes, and commercial properties. See our full list of locksmith services below to find out some of the many different ways we can assist.

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Bend Locksmith Services provides top notch solutions at agreeable pricing and minimal hassle.  We want to provide the best locksmith services possible for the lowest prices. All of our pricing is upfront and there are no hidden surprises.

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We cater to many different locations and communities throughout Central Oregon. Our technicians are local and always mobile, so customers can expect an arrival time of 30 minutes or less from their  initial call.

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Bend Locksmith Services

We are a locally owned and operated mobile locksmith service that's proud to be helping our community and neighbors by providing them with exceptional and affordable services.



When finding yourself locked out of a vehicle, residence, or commercial property, it's usually best not to try forcing your way back in. Breaking in could damage the lock, causing a more challenging and/or more expensive problem.  Most of the time the quickest and cheapest option for handling a lockout situation is to call a professional locksmith that can quickly get there to open locked locks. Calling a professional to open a door with no damage is typically less expensive than breaking in and having to replace or repair the damage later. We understand the frustrations of emergency lockouts and that's why we offer affordable and quick services. Don't stay locked out of interior doors, businesses, bathrooms, money drawers, or mailboxes and let us help.

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Lock Changes

Bend Locksmith Services has local technicians that are excellent at repairing, replacing, and upgrading existing doorknobs, deadbolts, and other locksets needing to be swapped for newer or different models. Don't be frugal when it comes to the safety of residences and businesses because families and employees depend on the security that those locks provide. Central Oregon can rely on us when they need a locksmith to change out locks on their residential or commercial property. Residents and business owners alike can call on us to change out low quality locks for high security locks.

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Rekeying a lock is the process of taking a lock apart and changing the internal components to work with a new key. When a lock is rekeyed, a new key is provided and the existing key no longer works. This is typically less expensive than replacing the entire lock with a new one. Those that are concerned about others having unauthorized access to their home or business should consider rekeying their lock so that only they have access. Once new keys are made, they can be redistributed to trusted individuals. Bend Locksmith Services offers quick and inexpensive residential and business lock rekeying services throughout Central Oregon.

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Lock Installations

Installing a new lock can also be referred to as a fresh installation service. Homeowners and businesses might want this service if they are interested in adding additional locks to already existing doors. Fresh installation services usually aren't expensive and can be done relatively quickly depending on the door material, thickness, and type of lock being installed. Doors can be expensive to replace, so it's best to hire a professional when wanting to add additional locks on them. Don't trust unlicensed people to install new locks as they can ruin doors with no reparations. Call us, and we will successfully install a new deadbolt or doorknob lock.

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Other Services

Not only do we provide the most common and sought after lock and key services, but we also perform odd jobs fit only for a licensed and bonded locksmith professional. We can help with other odd jobs like padlock removal services for locked storage units and other padlocks needing to be cut off due to lost keys. Bend Locksmith Services is also highly skilled when it comes to handling affordable key extraction services for keys or items that get broken or jammed in a keyhole. We can also help those looking for a security audit, where we aid people interested in improving the security of their home or business. Check out the link below to see all of our locksmith services including key replacement services, peephole installations, and more.

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Service Area

We are proud to support our neighboring communities outside of Bend that are also in Central Oregon. Check out all our serviced Oregon areas at our locations page.

Central Oregon Locksmiths

Our mobile locksmith team is fully mobile and able to respond quickly, for services that are in approximately 30 minutes or less. We are honored to be one of Central Oregon's quickest and most affordable locksmith providers. It is our goal to provide the best locksmith services possible, and we support these local cities with our services:


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